Friday, January 26, 2007

Partner's Medical "Lecture" This Morning

So partner didn't have to go to work until later this morning. That provided me with a ride to my public transit stop which is nice as we've rather inconveniently hit a "cold snap" and it's bloody freezing here. I know, it's Canada, I've lived here all my life, this should be nothing new, why bother complaining.

Anyway, as I'm getting dressed and pulling on my jeans, she says to me, "You've lost weight." I say in response, "Oh...?" She had said the same thing while looking at my face last night. Same response: "Oh...?"

Now Patient Anonymous is a little daft, flaky, deranged, nutty--I'm sure you all know this by now. She can also be rather unobservant when it comes to all matter of things, up to and including herself. However, I too have been wondering if I have lost more weight as my pants seem to be fitting more loosely and I can tighten my belt yet another notch. Not that I am--it gathers the fabric of the waist and that makes wearing the pants ridiculously uncomfortable. I'd rather let them just hang off my hips a bit.

We have no scales in the house, nor any measuring tapes (well, except for metal ones for furniture, walls etc... so that won't do.)

My partner wants me to start calling my family practitioner and my gastroenterologist right now but I will be seeing my gastro in app. two weeks. He is a specialist so there is little chance of him being able to push me forward in his schedule. My family practitioner can probably not do much since she referred me to the gastro in the first place. I told her I would "think about" calling but I really see no point.

The daily, morning Upper GI pain persists but that is nothing new. A lovely way to wake up. The Nexium/Esomeprazole seems to stave that off although obviously not permanently and/or completely. Lower GI is disastrous at the moment. Food is barely tolerable.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Oh ,my....I *do* think it is wise to get a check up. High Five to your partner for caring so much about you.

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, yes she's good. She gets a little upset with me when I don't eat which I know is stupid but it's extremely hard when you feel like you've had the worst case of...I don't know...I'll simply say the catch-all "gastroenteritis" for a) your entire life and b) more acutely for the last six months. Which kind of doesn't make sense because it's both chronic and acute at the same time. I give up.

*sending psychic messages for rescue to my gastro as we speak...* haha

healthpsych said...

Oh but we have something else in common, apart from concurring on several blogs! The gut.

Sounds like we are going through something similar. Share your misery. Hope you get answers.

Thanks for the blogroll. Adding you today!

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi healthpsych, oh dear, not you too! Well, psych and gut misery loves company I guess? Well, you don't suffer from too much psych misery, I hope. You're there to alleviate it?

Thank you for the reciprocity.

Take care,