Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh I'm Killing Myself...This May Be Somewhat Disturbing

Absolute of paroxysmal laughter at my desk. Courtesy of a friend as warped as me:

Mom Spanked The Gay Out Of Me


Michelle said...

You think he might be suffering from some PTSD?

That was funny in a very twisted way and I bet money that the clinicians that I work with will love, love love it!

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi michelle, I often wonder about so many of these YouTube clips and whether they're put on or a joke but after looking at this one more closely, I had to wonder as the host was seemingly serious and then was really trying to hold back the laughter and remain composed herself.

Now I would be the last person to ever laugh at someone with PTSD, having suffered trauma myself. Apologies to anyone if this has indeed been offensive. Perhaps this man is suffering from something but it would certainly take more than a YouTube clip to diagnose it.

I guess I am too twisted for my own good? And the poke at the Religious Right sort of attitute, the was all just too much to bear.

For me, I supose I laugh at just the sheer lunacy of so many things in the world. Either that or I'll cry, go even crazier etc...