Wednesday, January 17, 2007

GERD Update

My partner and I are so smart. Maybe. I'll have to consult my gastro but perhaps I'm on to something?

My partner's pretty good at monitoring my signs of gastro hell. We have found a pattern? I'm ovulating right now (I'm sure you are all thrilled to know this.) But my stomach is really bad. I just found out that progesterone relaxes the LES (lower oesophageal sphincter--yes I spell it with an 'o'.) This is interesting.

But my tummy also gets quite awful when I get my period. Progesterone drops then. Hmmm. What's my little LES doing at that point? And what role does estrogen (I know, I don't use an 'o' here...) play in all of this? So far there isn't any definitive evidence that estrogen makes GERD worse. I've just found something done that was tied to obesity and women taking estrogen therapy (see Nilsson, M. et al., JAMA. 2003; 290(1):66-72.) Can be dug up in Medscape if you're interested--but I'm sure you're not haha.


Michelle said...

It is really amazing how in tune with your body you are.

It is kind of cool how you seem to look at your ailments as puzzles to be solved.

Patient Anonymous said...

Thanks michelle, that's a real compliment. Well, I guess I just have a keen interest in science and research and (maybe this is bad) but I tend to self-diagnose at times. But it's not based on fluff. I can back up what I say and so far, I've always been right? I've even gone so far to demand certain meds based upon research, even if it's anecdotal!

A lot of doctors might get a bit pissy about this but I don't mean to do it in a "show off" type of way or in any way to undermine their authority--nothing like that.

Really, it's just an attempt to assist in achieving the ultimate shared goal of making me better. If I can walk into my doctor/specialist's office and make a suggestion or offer something that might help, then why shouldn't I? It's almost like, conversely, if I withheld a vital piece of information that could help me get better, I would be doing myself harm and not be assisting the doctor in making a proper diagnosis.

At least that's how I see it. It's just how I communicate with my physicians. I only hope that they don't find me annoying!

Michelle said...

No one has a more vested interest in your health than you do, so for you to stay silent when you have a concern or suggestion wouldn't make much sense.

As far as whether or not they find you annoying...tough cookies if they do! :)