Friday, January 5, 2007

Pandemonium At PA's Place Last Night!

So my iPod died on the way home last night. It just froze. Then the scroll wheel and buttons stopped working and that was that. When I got home, I tried charging it, iTunes wouldn't recognize it. Bugger! The things's not even a year old!

So I start looking for the receipt as I figured it would need to go back for warranty repairs or who knows what. I'm positive I know where it is--either in the box or with the dumb software installation CD. Nope.


I start racing around looking in cupboards, on shelves, in drawers. I'm tearing apart everything and I still can't find it! I knew I didn't throw it out as I know technology is only as good as the humans who make it. So as I'm rifling through more items, I knock over this storage thing that looks vaguely like a tackle box that's completely filled with pens, office junk and other garbage and LOTS of change.


The cat tears from the room, the air turns a virtual rainbow of colours from the shrieks of profanity spewing from my mouth. My partner was in the kitchen cooking dinner (where else would she be haha) and wonders what all the commotion is about.

There's little PA on the floor, the room practically torn to shreds. My partner asks me once again, "Did I check here, there, everywhere?" Of course I did. I reach again for the iPod's original packaging (how big is the box, people!) and guess what I find.

I slowly start to put everything back in order including that damn "tackle box" thing, placing all the coin back into their little divided areas by denomination.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ADD. And klutziness (courtesy of anticonvulsants.)

On the upside, speaking to one of my managers about the iPod today, there is a way to reboot them if they freeze up/crap out etc... Hold down the "Select" and "Menu" buttons together for about 15 seconds and it should work. I'll give that a go tonight before surrendering it to service.


Sisiphus said...

No, that's not happens to us all (certainly to me and I don't have ADD).
Yes, that is the way to reset them and it has worked for me when I got into a similar panic one night. I just had to be patient and leave the thing connected over night then reset as told, then it worked and I didn't lose any of my vitals.
Patience in my case is needed... I was all set to order a new one since hypomania doesn't 'do' patience.

Ignorance is bliss...can't wait till I join the worms.


Patient Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sis. Good to know.