Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year (Again...)

So last night was okay. We went over to some friends' and had dinner and played Trivial Pursuit. We started with the "90's Edition" and then for a real laugh went way back in time to the original "Genus I." My partner made a very good comment that because so much has changed over time, some of the answers were actually wrong (i.e. there is no USSR, the collapse of Berlin Wall etc...) but perhaps we were over thinking things... Anyway, we played in partnered teams just to move things along and did just fine. I've played that game since it first came out and I was a kid. It's great and because I love all things trivia it's always fun.

They have a sweet old(er) dog as well so I spent a fair amount of time curled up on the couch cuddling with him. He's not that old but he has Cushing's Syndrome so our friends are beginning to wonder just how much more doggie life he has in him left(?) We're not sure but he still gets around.

I tried to find a suitable picture of a French Brittany as that is his breed but I couldn't. If you don't know (as I am terrible with breeds of animals and really, all types of flora and fauna!) think something like a cross between border collie markings (only with spots!) and sort of spaniel-like features around the face and ears.

So basically that was about it. We watched pathetic entertainment on television and wondered why on earth anyone would want to go to Times Square or any other large, packed to the gills Metropolitan Centre or even pseudo/other Metropolitan Centres as we watched bizarre regional coverage and just shook our heads at the choice of "performers" on stage. We truly are a world embarrassment. Oh Canada, indeed!

And I seem to remember more coverage of cities around the world and all of that--speaking of being an embarrassment and who puts on a better show. Not that it's a competition but it is kind of funny to just watch all of the ridiculous spectacle. I only caught a glimpse of London. I know it was a big deal for the "Millennium." Haha...Y2K...all the computers crashing and all of that...everyone was so scared!

Anyway, it really doesn't matter. It's just another year. Sorry, don't mean to rain on the parade but whoop-de-doo. Just more challenges ahead...but...well, maybe some good stuff too. That would be nice.


Sisiphus said...

Y2K...sends me running for Loudon Wainwright's song...can't remember title of the song, but remember the lyrics. Loudon, Martha...both favourites of mine. Now, where is that CD?


Patient Anonymous said...

Hmmm...have to look that one up? If you can remember, let me know.

When I first got iTunes, I transferred the majority of my collection (oh, I don't know...maybe 200 CDs *groan*) so I could put them onto my iPod. There are still some items left undone but I captured most of them. For some reason, I left all of my poor "classical" selections off save one. I think that's because I use my iPod for commuting and I need to actually wake up in the morning and my "classical" tastes (so narrow that they may be?) might put me all to sleep.

You're probably the wrong (or the right?) person to be speaking to on this as your knowledge is vastly superior than mine haha. I can play the C Major scale (and maybe figure out a few others--all you have to do is count tone, tone semi-tone etc...? blah!) and maybe "chopsticks" on the piano! I can't co-ordinate two hands to do different things--sometimes I can barely co-ordinate one hand to do ONE thing! Ditto with guitar playing. And after the cutting, my left is even more impaired. I used to be able to sight read for singing as a kid but now that ability is gone too. I even went to choir camp one year! Geek! But I wear my geek badg(es) with pride.

Between my CD selections and what I've gotten from P2P users (yes, I "steal" music haha) I've got over 2300 songs on my 'Pod!

Some people think that's overkill but I just like to have "everything" with me so I don't have to muck around with playlists and keep updating it. And as I mentioned over at Shrink Rap, an iPod is an ADD'ers favourite (well, maybe not favourite toy... Don't like that song: skip, skip, skip. Yes, Shuffle is my best friend.