Monday, March 5, 2007

Bloody Birthday Bullshit!

So not a word from my father. No phone call. No email. Not a fucking thing.

Just more deafening silence.

You know, we communicated more when he was on the other side of the country but now that he's moved back to my/our home province--nothing. That was in the fall. Almost five months ago.

I received three mass-addressed emails soon after he arrived (one being some spammy "love everyone around you" *thing* with ridiculous, tacky photographs in PowerPoint--I positively can't stand those--they make my eyes bleed!) The others, simply his contact information.

Otherwise, there has been no personal contact between us. The last time we actually had any sort of personal exchange was last fucking MAY!!!

We have not had a fight, a falling out, anything of the sort. He did not contact me at Christmas, nor did any of his side of the family (other than more mass-addressed, spammy, shit, crap-assed email that I can not stand!)

I can not find any rational, logical explanation for this.

I didn't fucking do anything! FUCK!

Goddamn Prick.

Edit: Perhaps when I'm a little bit calmer I shall post on how I need to "deal" with this.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Unfortunately biology does not make a father, or a mother for that matter. I do understand your anger and deep disappointment. I've been motherless since I was 4. She preferred to play instead of taking on her responsibilities of being a parent. I accepted the fact long ago. She was used to bring me here, but that was that. Just a vehicle....
I'm sorry to you P.A., that your father is incapable of providing what he should to you. I hope you'll feel better, and can celebrate all those around you that are close by and love you.

Patient Anonymous said...

Thanks, CA. Yes, you have said this before to me. I just have a lot of issues I need to sort out re: him. And Mom, too.

HA! Boy, I really blew a gasket yesterday... *rolls eyes* Oh well, I'm sure it won't be the last time. I'm actually not used to getting angry so it's probably healthy for me to let 'er rip every now and then?