Monday, February 19, 2007

Some People Are Just Mean?

Some symptoms you can alleviate and some you just can't?

I've met a lot of mean people in my life and well, I don't think their stripes will ever change.

Edit: There was a hyperlink here but the NYT archived the article. So for those of you that do not have online access to read said archived articles, here is the story:

Further Edit: You know, contrary to popular opinion(?) PA does have a conscience and you know, I just can't bring myself to post the damned copyrighted article!

So I will give you a choice. You may either link to the NYT and just type in your personal info to access it (it's free, no biggie) here. If it doesn't take you directly to the article it is called "About That Mean Streak of Yours: Psychiatry Can Only Do So Much"

Conversely, someone else on their blog has posted it so if you wish to engage in illegal copyright perusal, you may read it here. They apparently have more chutzpah than I do.

This post has obviously been more stress inducing than intended for me. Maybe time for a yet another blogging break?


Shinga said...

I did think that was a good piece, PA.

Reminds me of Ian Drury (singer who had had polio). One of his famous soundbites was, "Just because you're disabled doesn't mean you can't be a b*****d".

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi shinga, nice to see you! Indeed! I thought about adding some more commentary after I posted it but I didn't want to get into some sort of rant and go completely off topic (as I tend to do...)

I have often tried to reason with "mean" people and ask them how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak, and my words have always fallen on deaf ears.

Regardless of circumstance, mental illness, physical disease, growing up with a life of crap... I just don't understand some peoples' behaviour!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Your not alone in trying to figure out people's behavior. There are some things I am still just learning. I don't understand why they are the way they are, they just are. It's a mess down here.

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi C.A., You are right. There are people (many? majority?) in this world that we will never truly understand. And I think that we will never stop learning. But that doesn't have to always be a bad thing.

Trying to be cup half full girl at the moment...

I think the key is to try and surround yourself, or associate with the *good* people and avoid all others like the plague.

BTW, I see you're now back up and running, blog-wise. I'll add you back to my site. This is good to see!

sisiphusledge said...

Couldn't access the link "can't" so am not sure to what you are specifically referring to here, PA. But the general point that leopards don't change their spots....I've met enough and I've met some others that might at first seem to take an interest in you and what you say and then drop you like a hot potato for whatever reason. It's the latter I find more tedious and perplexing. I do think that you write openly about many things that other people shy away from because it does not seem politically correct to do so, or the subject has a social taboo label attached to it. As I have said before, education and enlightenment is a potent tool used with care.

Best wishes,

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi sisiphusledge, apologies, the NYT archived the story but I have access so have retrieved and reposted.

As for your other comment about my writing, well...perhaps I am not politically correct at times or I do write about taboo subjects but I'm not sure really what to say about that.

Should I exercise more "care" as you suggest? I don't know...I guess that is food for thought.

sisiphusledge said...

No, I guess I wasn't clear enough. I think that it is a good thing to be open. There's little point in sweeping politically 'incorrect' subjects under the carpet. If someone doesn't write about them then how can those who are ignorant or hold biassed views understand?

Sorry if you misunderstood my attempt to say, carry on writing !

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi again sisiphus, thank you for your futher insight. I have actually rewritten this entire post as it has become completely bungled since the article has entirely disappeared and...well, no matter.

Still, I suppose in my writing I shall not use a sledgehammer to express myself? I don't think I have but it is hard to say when one is truly as vocal and passionate or opinionated as I am. I do try and choose my words carefully. I do not know. Again, people can choose not to read it if they wish.

If I were to ultimately censor myself I would indeed have to shut this blog down, I think. There would be no point.

Anonymous said...

(Hi, I own

I don't mind linking to stuff at NY Times - I'll link to anything anywhere unless I'm forced to do otherwise.

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi nathan, I see you found that I linked to your blog! Yes, I had it properly linked but as newspaper sites often do, they archived the content and since the article was a little bit older, so it goes...

I had a crisis of "publishing faith." I'm sure the NYT wouldn't "come and get me" had I just thrown the article up on my silly little blog but well, there's more than one way to accomplish things, yes?