Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gastro Update

Well, I went to see my gastroenterologist yesterday. I went alright. Considering my "doctor anxiety" I was actually feeling quite fine about it. He seems like a decent enough guy and I really want to get moving with all of this.

For those of you not up to speed, after my first consult, he had sent me for some bloodwork and an x-ray. I was kind of unimpressed as I knew I needed more. The x-ray was not discussed (I knew it would reveal nothing) but the bloodwork was mildly interesting. Hemoglobin normal (as were Thyroid, Glucose...can't remember what else was ordered) but some mild "abnormalities" showed up with iron and inflammation markers. However, they weren't off the scales so nothing to be alarmed about?

I have indeed lost more weight. More than I actually thought I had. About the same amount that I had lost in several months, now over the course of a few weeks. That appears to be a bit of a concern? We both agreed that the cumulative amount is rather high for someone who is not actively trying to lose. And yes, I suppose losing weight so rapidly is also...well, perhaps indicative of something? Who knows...

So an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy with appropriate biopsies have been ordered. But not for another two months. Oh, how I wish it was sooner!

I came home and told my partner. She positively hit the roof about the weight issue. She told me I an "gaunt." I am not. I am not emaciated. I am thinner, to be sure but I am certainly not gaunt.

She has taken it upon herself to start buying me Ensure for sustenance. Or at least she said she would. Eating is troublesome, yes. I am currently trying to choke down some oatmeal as I write this. I tried to explain to her that sometimes, oftentimes eating hurts! She is mad at me for not eating. I am trying. I don't want to fight about my medical conditions and appropriate treatments...I'm too tired and I feel I need to pursue things on my terms. I know she cares but last night when I was simply trying to express my feelings--well, there was some dissent.

So anyway, that's the scoop for now.


HP said...

Following you today to my gastro.

Shame that you have to be scoped but better to get some answers. I hope they find something that's an easy fix.

D.P. said...

Yikes--I'm a wimp and couldn't handle all of that!

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi, hp. Actually, not a shame at all about being scoped. I want it badly. I've had problems ever since I was 13 but NEVER this bad. I've blogged about two failed endoscopies previously that were done when I was younger--truly disastrous so I just gave up on getting help altogether.

But now, things have changed and I can be completely put under with a general (they do that for a colonoscopy anyway) so it will be much better for me.

No, it desperately needs to be done and I'm all for it.

Please let me know how things work out for you? If you don't mind? If that', okay? If not, it's alright. I understand.

Patient Anonymous said...

hi d.p., you snuck in there while I was leaving a comment! As I mentioned in my comment to hp, I'll be under with a general so I won't know what's going on.

The prep beforehand might not be so pleasant as I have to take a couple of "concoctions" and drink lots of fluids the day before but...well, such is the game.

HP said...

Nothing like the colonoscopy prep to 'clear the mind'. Agreed, that's the worst part of it. Maybe that's why Steve Martin, Tom Hanks and Martin Short made a party out of the whole affair and got colonoscopied together.

Haven't managed to catch up with all your blog yet but I guess coeliac is long ruled out? I was sick with abdominal stuff for a long time before being diagnosed.

Anyway, just because you were so kind enough to ask, I was heading for an ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound for suspected autoimmune pancreatitis but they've decided the risk is greater than any potential benefit - so I escaped for now. Phew!

Patient Anonymous said...

Haha hp, you make me laugh. I can't stop thinking of you as that awful "sauce" now, either. Well, it's not that awful I suppose--there are worse ways to ruin already beautifully prepared foods. Ketchup?

I haven't managed to pick up on any food sensitivities at all so I don't think c(o)eliac disease, lactose intolerance, anything like that really applies. I don't know. I mean, it could but...

*stares off into space*

I just haven't made any direct connection because it seems EVERYTHING I eat makes me shit and hurt so how can you make the distinction? I suppose I could start cutting things out and do a process of elimination but I just don't have the energy.

Hmmm. Well, I guess that's...sort of okay if you didn't want the procedures done but if you're still not feeling well then that's sort of sucky.

I've had two ultrasounds over the last year and nothing. Of course. They were non-invasive--well not quite haha. Abdominal and pelvic. The pelvic are "invasive"...much to my surprise the first time around! I'd never had one and was like--oh my! Well, carry on with it if we must do the procedure...

*rolls eyes*