Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And Speaking Of Impulsiveness And Decision Making...

I was drooling over MacBooks while bored at work today. I have taken to sitting up at night working on my obsolete PowerBook where equally obsolete pieces of writing reside. Well, some of the pieces are still useful, I have found. Also slightly out of date but useful is some of the software on the machine.

I mentioned this to my partner when I came home and she simply said:

"Well, you can afford it. Buy it!"

Perhaps not the sort of encouragement I need?!

Now the first order of business would be the ability to transfer my entire iTunes library from PC to Mac. I believe this can be done? And then presumably, my current iPod should work? I believe at time of purchase, when you specify for Mac or PC the only reason is for the software. Otherwise, the unit is the same?

Forgive me for I art technologically dumb.

I hate the PC we have at home. It's a Dell which should be reputable but it has been buggy since it was first purchased.

So what do you think, everyone? Should I get a MacBook?


wolfbaby said...

Im puter dumb and probably the last person who should give advice on them;) Have never worked with anything other then a pc as well. If you can afford it though maybe you should try it;)

Patient Anonymous said...

Hey wolfbably, well, that's one vote for yes? Perhaps I should try and set up a poll haha.

Thanks and take care,

Benedict 16th said...

1) You could just grab all your music aac and mp3 files (and others) and physically transfer them. WMA files are a bit more problematic...

2) For protected aac (read files bought from itunes) you are allowed to "activate" or register them on up to 5 different accounts (or 5 different computers) and an unlimited number of ipods.
So you can have your aac files simultaneously on both your legacy PC and your shiny new mac, and your desktop machine at work.... and if the machines change you can deauthorise your computers, and get your five star choices back again.

3) have a look at this macosxhints article How to transfer a full iTunes library between machines .... Follow those six steps and you should have successfully have migrated your iTunes Library from one computing platform to another, just like that!

Hope that helps

Mac user since 1994, not a PC user since Windoze 3.11

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi benedict 16th, nice to meet you! I only have AACs and MP3s. WMAs and my iTunes have not gotten along so far as I can tell. It could be just my stupid PC--HA!

Yes, I was poking around online and found some various ways to "do it" but in reading them all over, they kind of confused me! One guy was getting into all sorts of coding and bah!

Too many options for the rather "dull" me.

I haven't bought any music from iTunes so that shouldn't be a problem *wink*

Okay, so I will take that as another vote "yes."

I think I just really want the damn MacBook and am looking for any excuse (i.e. votes from other bloggers) to sway me!

difficultpt said...

Geez, if you can afford it, what are you waiting for? ;o) (If I could afford to, I would dump this thing that I'm working on . . .)

Patient Anonymous said...

Haha difficultpt...the persuading continues...

Benedict 16th said...

Patient Anonymous,

not that I'm biased or anything

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi again, benedict 16th *grin*

You're going to become my new Mac buddy aren't you!

I had to get the links via your notification in gmail as they didn't copy over completely in the post but thanks. Very funny. For anyone else who wishes to see them, after the last digit, just add .html and you should get there.

And yes, I think I'm getting closer to my purchase...