Friday, December 22, 2006

Why Do People Yell At Their Pets?

So I was walking home from a nearby radiology lab this morning after getting my tummy x-rayed. This woman was walking two Basset Hounds and she was positively screaming at one of them for admittedly, nothing that I could see the poor pup doing wrong. Lady, if you yelled at me like that, I wouldn't listen to you either.

Now, I'll admit that Bassets aren't the smartest set of the canine species. We had one growing up and even though she was an absolute doll, she was dumb. But for goodness sake, don't yell at your pets!

Granted, I've yelled at mine to try and teach them. To get them to stop doing something that they're not supposed to be doing but I don't absolutely shriek like a possessed demon! I do it to get their attention. But just yelling and screaming in an abusive manner? That drives me crazy. And I always follow it up with a little "chat" about behaviour and what's acceptable and what's not. Animals are smart and you do need to train them but yelling uncontrollably (and hitting--DO NOT get me started...) is terrorizing the furry one who should be your best friend.


The Laundress said...

Hope your tum is okay.

How can anybody yell at a basset? I have bulldogs, same thing. They are sweet and dopy. Innocent babies.

A German Shepherd or a poodle, you could maybe discuss philosophy or politics with, perhaps even have a heated disagreement. But yelling at a sweet, dumb dog? Evil.

There is somebody in my town who lives with elderly basset twins. Only red and white fur, no black. They wear matching down jackets (all three of them -- two dogs and one woman). The dogs are old and walk VERY slowly. The human never looks cross, just indulgent and calm. The dogs look absolutely radiant. Very cute, always makes me smile. Hope you can visualize, a really good picture.

Hope all is okay,

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more. I sometimes think that animals are the only worthwhile beings on this planet. Loads of reasons I'm not up to explaining my thoughts,

Patient Anonymous said...

Hey laundress: Nice to see you! Tum's not bad...hanging in. It will be a while before I go back to the Gastro so we'll see what he has up his sleeve (or elsewhere haha.) Sorry, it's late and I'm exhausted...maybe that's not funny.

That is a good picture. Some people think it's funny (or downright cruel or evil?) to put coats on dogs but in some cases, like Greyhounds, they actually need them. Ditto with little "booties" or something for road salt in the winter for pooch's pads. Lots of that up here (salt.) Not at the moment though--Green Christmas. Lots of rain.

Hey, I just took a look at your profile and shit, we have some things in common! For starters, brain weirdness and anime! Awesome!

Hi Sis: Not to worry about leaving a brief comment but I'm so glad you stopped by. Yes, animals are such a great source of comfort. True, unconditional love--accept for the feeding part but hey, we all need something *shrug*

But apart from bare necessity, they don't care what you look/feel like etc... And they're always there for you.