Friday, December 8, 2006

Lipstick For Your Roots?

So on my way in to work this morning, I saw one of the oddest things. A woman looked like she was applying lipstick to her faded roots with a compact mirror. I just sat and stared. And barely contained myself--I wanted to laugh out loud! I know it's rude to stare but when I see things that I can't comprehend, sometimes my eyes betray me.

Now I don't dye my hair (I've earned every one of my incoming greys and they're staying!) so I don't know if some bizarre product is on the market that looks like lipstick that could be used to "patch up" the offending spots on your scalp before you can get to your stylist.

But still. What on earth could it be made of? And wouldn't it be greasy? And this thing looked like lipstick. It was this dark, almost maroon colour and slid up and down and was shaped like the traditional thing.

I'm sure I could spend some time researching this as there just may very well be something someone has invented out there that matches this description. But I don't know if I will. It's just too much fun to think that this woman was actually applying lipstick to her head (I'm still grinning like a fool as I type this.)

I did ask a colleague when I arrived at work (who does colour her hair) and she'd never heard of such a thing. She also thought the whole incident equally bizarre. Maybe I should ask my own hairdresser when I see him next.


RUTH said...

well I've heard it all now. Wouldn't work for me. I've not seen GREY lipstick on the market (LOL)

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi ruth, thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, for a minute, I thought I was back in the psych ward.

Okay, maybe that's not funny but well, I like to poke fun at my illness(es.) It keeps me sane.

Sort of. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Now if it looked like a mascara wand, that, I've heard of. (Just letting you know I'm O.K. P.A., not to worry.)
Best to you.

Patient Anonymous said...

Hey chrysalis, good to hear from you. Thanks for letting me know.

Maggie said...

LOL - my hair's all streaky anyway (natural - think it grew back blond after alopecia in some areas - gotta be an upside to being partly bald for a while!) so not a problem for me. I wonder if felt tips would work, prob not as wouldn't stick to the hair... Magic Markers might do it!

Thanks for visiting, sorry the print was small - doesn't look that way to me (Firefox), but for some reason came out as plain text rather than the font I usually use. I don't know why, but decided just to leave it as was afraid if I tried to alter the font it'd just eat the entry! ;-)

Patient Anonymous said...

Hi maggie, looks like I missed your comment, thanks for visiting! I've used permanent markers to patch up scuff marks on my shoes haha!