Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sick Today...

Crap. Why do some infections just sneak up behind you and hit you over the head with a shovel? I'm at home today and thought I'd just whine. I should be in bed but I've pretty much been up since 0500hrs. When I get sick it really fucks with my insomnia--despite the fact that I'm already on sleep meds!

I just got back from a Walk-In Clinic as there was no way in hell I'd get an appt. with my regular doc. It was interesting. I got a script for Azythromycin when all I really wanted was one for my magic elixir Benzydamine (aka Tantum.) Man, if you have a sore throat, this stuff is good.

I'm always confused by the whole "antibiotic thing." It's either, "Here you go!" or "Nope, it's a virus." (Usually the latter in my case.) I know there are certain indicators, sputum colour etc... that can assist in the diagnosis but otherwise, it can be pretty hard to distinguish a lot of the bugs flying around out there, correct?

Anyway, this guy handed over the broad spectrum tabs quite easily based upon the fact that I smoke (yeah...a little...), my chest is killing me and he was concerned about encroaching bronchitis.


Ah well, time for some soup, Zithro, Buckley's, Tantum and bed in that order.

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